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One of the things that really annoyed me about using WordPress with my iPad are the issues that arise when you try to upload an image to WordPress. There are a lot of elements to optimizing your images for SEO and social media. Unfortunately, when you upload from an iPad it does so in a way which is very bad for the SEO status of your images. If you want to have good SEO value then they should have a good descriptive name when they are uploaded so the images URL helps with SEO as well as the other elements which you can edit later. However, the iPad does some strange things when you export an image which give each image a generic title of Image.png in iOS 9 and a simple number in iOS 10. Luckily there are some methods round this to ensure you have good SEO data for your images.

Uploading images to a cloud service for good SEO

One of the easiest, but slightly messy ways to get round this issue is to upload your images (temporarily) to a cloud storage service like iCloud, Dropbox or Box. You can then use the new document picker in iOS 9 and iOS 10 to upload the image to WordPress. The key advantage with this method is that you can rename your image as you upload it to an SEO suitable title. That is something descriptive and using hyphens between words. For example I might upload an image and rename it to SEO-WordPress-Image-From-iPad.png

Wordpress Seo on iPad uploading using dropbox

FTP Upload to WordPress directly

An alternative is to avoid the whole WordPress file upload system all together and use an FTP client such as Transmit or the tools built into Coda and GoodReader to upload your images to your WordPress database. This requires a lot more site know how, setting up an FTP client and you’ll have to get the file name and rename it too, but the advantage here is that you don’t end up with a copy of your image on your cloud storage system which you need to delete.

Wordpress Seo on iPad uploading using Coda

Upload to another web service

If you have a different service for your images (such as Amazon S3) you can upload your images to that service, rename them and then embed them into your WordPress posts. This save you web hosting space and can help deliver images quicker than a poor quality Webhost. You can again rename these files for better SEO.

Do you have any alternative ideas how to upload images for good SEO?

These are the methods I’ve discovered by I’m not ruling out there being some other alternatives. Do you know of any other methods?

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