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In case you haven’t been online in the last few hours, Apple seeded out to the developers iOS 7 Beta 3. With Beta 2 weighing in at 237, Beta 3 weighs in at almost the same, 214 MB. As with all beta products, the release notes are very very vague.

This beta version of iOS 7 contains bug fixes and improvements.

So with the above said, look forward to amazing new functionality, or just more stability. Either works for us.

If you are updating from iOS 7 Beta 2, just follow the easy steps below and let’s get you updated to the latest and greatest version of Apple’s latest iOS.

Hit up your Settings app and navigate to General.

Once there, tap Software Update. Your iPhone or iPod will automatically find the latest version Apple has pushed out to developers.

iOS 7 will let you know that iOS 7 beta 3 is available and ask you if you want to download it.

As always, depending on your network connection, and the all powerful Apple servers, the upgrade could take 10 minutes or less for iOS 7 Beta 3 to be on your iDevice.

Once the download is done and prepared, it will give you the option to hit “install now”.

Say yes and hit up your favorite website (hint: Macdaily) and be patient.

You must be tired from all of that manual labor, please take a break and enjoy iOS 7 Beta 3!

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