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iMessage is a pretty great messaging service that, while not as feature rich as some of the current messaging services, still has some really great and powerful features which are ever so slowly growing over time (iCloud Sync for messages anyone). One of the lesser known tricks is how to send a “gentle” or “loud” message in iMessage which emerged in iOS 10. This is a nifty little feature which makes it seem like you are shouting or whispering. So here’s how to shout and whisper in iMessage.

Step 1: Open or start a chat in iMessage

To start we need to get an iMessage chat going so that we can use our effect. Either open an existing chat (go into the messages app, then tap on a conversation), or start a new one (tap on the writing icon at the top right hand corner, then type in the person or people’s names)

Step 2: Type your message

In the text box, type out the message you want to send with the effect.

Step 3: Long press the send button

Long press on the send button rather than tapping and a list of effect will appear.

Step 4: Select your effect

Select your effect (from invisible ink, which reveals when you rub over the message, gentle, loud, and slam) and then tap the send arrow to send the message along with the effect you desire.

To cancel and not use one of these effects, tap the cross.

You can also use full screen effects

If you tap right at the top of the page, you can use full screen effects such as lasers, echo, spotlight, balloons, confetti, “love”, fireworks, shooting star (perfect for “the more you know”) and “celebration”.

Want to send a private message?

If you want to keep your iOS messages private, this won’t work. But you can check out this post to find out more. Or check out signal.

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