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As I mentioned last time, this idea of a test site is an easy way to do simple development for a WordPress site on the iPad. However to get going, you need to set up a test site. luckily this can all be done on the iPad. Here’s a guide to setting up a test site (or full site) on the iPad.

Choose a name, get a domain

If you don’t have a site, then you’ll need a domain name first. if you already have a site, then you could set up a subdomain for your site ( for example) but you may want to use a separate site anyway. I decided to use an old domain name I got for a project that never went anywhere.

Set up your Hosting

This will depend a lot on your hosts solution. if you are setting up your first site, you’ll need to register for some hosting. if, like me, you have a hosting solution already which can host multiple sites, you need to go into your host management and then add another site. I use site5 for my hosting, they aren’t the cheapest, but that means they aren’t poor quality either. The support is top notch, and while it’s not managed WordPress hosting, it doesn’t have the cost either.

Install WordPress

Most hosts now offer 1 click install of WordPress which makes it very easy to set up. I set mine up via softaculous. I made sure to remove the wp sub directory and created an admin name that wasn’t my name, nor (admin). that’s a big step against Brute force attacks as the hacker has to find out the admin username As well as brute force the password. Here is a detailed guide to setting up your site.

Install Genesis

Once WordPress is installed, I logged in and uploaded the Genesis framework and default theme from StudioPress so I could start adapting them. I really love the hooks in Genesis which make it easy to adapt (and the community around it). There are a couple of alternative starter themes that I debated building off but in the end I went with the studiopress starter.
You could use a different theme or frame work to adapt, in which case, you should upload that at this point.

Connect Coda via FTP

Once that was done, I set up an FTP account in the Cpanel of my account. this would let me edit the theme in Coda and upload my changes. I had a couple of issues making sure that I had an account for the home directory and not some minor sub directory, but once it was up, I was ready to go!

Ready to play

So now I’m going to work on creating my own theme on only my iPad. See you next time.

(By the way, this page contains affiliate links, if you click on them and then buy something, I’ll get paid a little bit of money to help support this site.)

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