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How to play any video format on your iPhone or iPad

You’re probably reading this article because Apple still doesn’t support video formats other than .mov, .m4v and .mp4 on iOS, well we’re here to show you how you can play any video format on your iPhone or iPad without having to do converting of any kind.

We know it’s annoying having to find the ‘right’ video format for iTunes to sync to your device, and how time-consuming it can be converting a movie to a format that can be played by your iOS device. This is where App Store apps come in, we’ve got 2 apps that we think are the best at playing just about any video you throw at them.

Infuse Pro – $9.99

Don’t let the price of this media player put you off, Infuse Pro can play MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MOV and more without any hassle, just drag and drop your video file in its Documents folder in iTunes and play it the app. It’ll play HD (1080p) files with ease, no stuttering or lag and it does so in a beautiful interface. If you don’t want to bother with USB cables you can stream from your Mac, PC, NAS or from apps like Plex or Kodi. Along with all this, Infuse Pro also allows you to AirPlay your video to your Apple TV or cast it to your Chromecast. Subtitle support is another nifty feature, while it can play subtitle files like SRT, SUB, SMI and more, you can also download subtitles in any language right within the app. You can find more info on the FireCore website or the App Store.

You can download the FREE version of Infuse here (with limited capabilities) and you can buy the full version via an in-app purchase or just pay for the separate Infuse Pro app.

AVPlayer – $2.99

AVPlayer is another app that’s worth mentioning, like Infuse Pro, it plays just about any video format, though it doesn’t support some audio formats such as DTS audio. AVPlayer has been my go-to video player for iOS for years, the gesture playback controls work great, even better than Infuse, in my opinion. Swiping left/right to skip 5/10/30 seconds forwards or backwards is one of the great things about this video player. There are some drawbacks to AVPlayer though, like you can only AirPlay Quicktime format videos (MP4, M4V, MOV) and the fact that you have to buy the app twice if you want to use it on your iPad. AVPlayerHD for iPads and AVPlayer for iPhones/iPod Touches.

Out of the two, I cannot recommend Infuse Pro enough, its features out-weigh some of the issues I have with the gesture-controls. If you want a guarantee that your videos will play on your device without the need for converting, Infuse Pro is definitely the way to go.


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