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My new job has a gym on site (YAY) which means I’ve managed to keep my mid-morning workout routine. (tangent: I find mid-morning great. I can do some work early on, I don’t feel terrible, food and drink can settle and then I have “a joggers rush” AND I’ve given my eyes a rest from a screen). As I know have a full gym to use (and not just Fitbit coach HIIT workouts) I’ve been doing a wider variety of exercises and trainings. This presented a problem. How do you track a strength or core workout on the Apple watch?

Tracking running or using the cycling machine is easy. I have an exercise WatchFace (the feature image above) which has the workout app set up as well as my activity rings, a podcast player and my heart rate to monitor, so I just tap the workout complication, scroll to running and boom! Off to the races.

But by default strength doesn’t turn up there.

I used “other” and “HIIT” depending on what it seemed similar to but I was sure there was another option as I got notifications that one of my friends had completed a “strength” workout. So I asked him how he did it.

How to track a strength workout on the apple watch

First, open the workout app.

Scroll through the workout types and if you can see strength, tap the “other” option.

Complete your workout and press “end”.

Now you can tap on “name” workout and change the workout to be the correct type. You can also track other workout types like “core training” and specialist sports such as skiing.

Press back and then done, and your workout is saved.

Not enough

While this has got me 90% of the way to my workout tracking, it’s not all the way. If I want to track how much weight I managed to do, or how many crunches I did, the watch app doesn’t track that. I’ve checked some other apps but nothing has seemed right yet (suggestions welcome) so I’ve been using DayOne in my fitness journal. This, of course, does not show changes over time so now I’m wondering about setting up a spreadsheet in numbers and using something (workflow, launch center pro, drafts?) for quick input.

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