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How Does Apple Celebrate Earth Day

Earth day, is a day to celebrate the earth and encourage and remind people to help take care of our home planet. It also happens to fall on my birthday every year on April, 22nd. Many companies help with green projects, and many governments offer incentives for companies to adopt cleaner business practices including Apple. While Apple may not announce anything specific in regards to the earth day celebrations, they have recently announced yet more news about their continued efforts to be as green as possible.

Digging into Apple’s past, the cash laden company hasn’t always had as much of a focus on going green with their products, manufacturing, or power supply choices. As recently as 2009, their main purchase of green energy was isolated to only their Austin, Texas location. And even more recently than that they had a momentary flub in mid 2012 where they temporarily removed the EPEAT requirement from their products, but only week later reversed this decision. And even despite rejoining the EPEAT requirements, their latest MacBook Pro Retina still scored an abysmal 1 out of 10 on the tear down review.

Nobody is perfect and Apple is continuing to take further steps to help our planet. They even have a big section of their site dedicated to describing their green efforts right off of their main page. Here you will find the absolute latest in their efforts such as their recent facilities report describing their pursuit of a net zero energy policy. Since 2010 they have increased their use of clean, renewable energy at corporate facilities by 114%. Outside of their building improvements, they are at least attempting to make sure they are more environmentally responsible in the building process including improvements to the iMac materials and construction processes.

I have to admit, I could certainly be greener than I am but my house makes a strong effort. We requested extra recycle bins (did you know you could do that?) and we fill them every week, as well as other typical actions like using efficient lights and smarter water usage. Additionally, you can support, where possible, companies that are making the effort as well. So while Apple may not officially celebrate earth day, you can feel good about your purchases from them as part of your go green plan. What else do you do from a technology perspective to go green and celebrate earth day?

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    • Actually, not familiar with their recycling program but looked up one in the inter-tubes and found a commercial on Vimeo. So you are a lot like us, only a little different?
      I would love to live near Seattle though. I love cool overcast drizzly weather and mountains and fresh sushi. Here in Florida we get hot, sticky, thunderstorms on flat land.

      Wait, we were talking about recycling….and now I want sushi! Lol

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