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Have you been there (Macworld that is), done that (convinced a coworker to switch to Apple products), got the t-shirt (with the Apple logo on)? Well now there is a scoring system to work out just how high that puts you in the Apple fan boy ranks. That’s right, no longer do you have to put up with endless debates about who is a bigger fan. Just fill out the survey from the infographic below and it will all be settled (and what’s more, you won’t feel so bad about not being the world’s biggest fanboy or girl)

I’m sure I won’t be the highest on this list but to be honest I’d be quite worried if you managed to get more than 60pts (unless you counted every coworker you converted as 10pts each) and very worried if managed to get over 200pts!

How Apple Are You? -


Okay, it’s not the most scientific test and some of these are ones that I really hope no one get’s any points for (seriously, naming your child iChild!?!?!) but there are a few choice questions in there. Personally I’d add on some multiple choice questions to things such as “What is your opinion on Android?” and “Finish the sentence, the only way I’d go back to a PC was if...” to get a slightly more scientific result (as scientific as you can get with a topic like this) but no test is ever perfect.


How Big An Apple Fan Are You?

So just how Apple are you? Leave your score in the comments below and we’ll see who the biggest Apple fan boy out of the community is. My score…only a shameful 40pts. I’m sure you can beat that! [oh and if you have any other criteria for sorting the fans from the super fans then leave them in the comments too.

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