The History Of iOS [infographic]

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in only a few years of iOS (originally iPhoneOS) and the small but significant features that have been added during that time. When you look at the features that have been added it’s easy to see that these are either light enhancements to the experience or incredible features that have completely changed the experience. Features like adding in find my phone might never be used by some users yet if you need to use it then it’s an incredible enhancement. Conversely features like Siri and the app store have almost completely changed the device we hold in our hands now compared to the first iteration.

the history of iOS

Not Removed

I think the most interesting thing to see is that I can’t identify any of these features (except mobile me which kind of continues in iCloud) which have been disabled. Generally they have all stuck in and become essential additions. Admittedly, there has been a huge redesign in iOS with iOS 7 but that is very different to removing features and you only have to look at how many times Android has faced a redesign or features have seemingly come and gone within a version of the OS (for example, the app permission manager or Google cloud print not to mention the discrepancies between manufacturers).

Maybe you’ve been using iOS since version 1 and can remember all the ways it has changed, or perhaps you jumped in much later on after the system had matured and can’t imagine it without the landscape keyboard or multitasking features. Either way I’m sure you’ll agree that iOS has come a long way and will no doubt continue to grow and mature.

What version of iOS did you start with? What features can you not imagine having?

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