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Following on from yesterdays infographic with the history of iOS today we have an image chronicling the history of Apple (hardware) products upto 2007. It might not contain every accessory or item but it is such a great visual representation of the evolution of Apple from the first personal computer up to the first iPhone.


The great part about this image for me is the memories I have of some of these devices. I remember working away on an original macintosh at my school (It was an old one for the school, I wasn’t that old but sometimes you had to use the slower Macintosh and not the faster power macintoshes they had). I remember when the first iMacs arrived and how we set up our computer lab complete with these amazing looking devices whose keyboards could chain usb ports (that just blew my teenage mind!) I remember the first iPods coming along and blowing people away with how many songs they could store compared to every other MP3 player at the time.

More recently I remember getting my first iPad and iPhone and experiencing the difference between a the cheaper WebOS and Android devices I had previously had and the user experience focused approach of Apple.

I’d love to find an image which goes beyond 2007 (If you know one or have mad photoshop skills, maybe you could make one for me? Please!) but with the new Mac Pro being released today I’m sure you’ll agree that Apple are continuing to evolve their design in search of even the most user friendly experience they can provide at this moment in time.

What memories do you have of Mac devices? Where did you start your Apple journey?

[Image via: Mikediluigi  and afortiorama via Compfight]

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