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Hands on with Yahoo! mobile app

Yahoo! has been on a roll lately as they continue to re-establish themselves as a powerful internet giant. After Marissa Mayer took over the company, she has put the focus on mobile. They releases a new and awesome Flickr app, Mail app, Yahoo Weather and now their new enhanced Yahoo app which shows the focus and talent they are bringing to the mobile market.

The new Yahoo app is primarily a news app. With their purchase of Summly, a news service that uses natural-language algorithms to deliver quick story summaries, Yahoo has included their technology to offer news, sports, entertainment and more in your fancy iPhone device. It’s a beautifully designed app that delivers a good mobile experience. 

Yahoo settings search

As you browse the news on the app, which show a beautifully stream of high quality photos with a brief summary in white text, you begin to see how smooth it is. There is zero sluggishness and the app flows smoothly with no hiccups. When you tap on an article, you’ll see a brief picture with the title and text underneath. You can share articles via email, Facebook, Twitter or view the article in Safari. At the end of each article, you can easily select more of the topics you’d like to see, and less of those you don’t by selecting the checkmarks at the end of each article. If you have a Yahoo account and are signed in, the choices you make are saved and you will begin to see more relevant and interesting articles that you choose. This syncs across your mobile device as well as your desktop.

Yahoo news topics

You can also do web searches through the Yahoo app by selecting the “hamburger” icon and selecting Web Search. Yahoo has also improved their search with great looking video and image search within the app. Each time you do a search for an image, you’ll see it beautifully layered across your mobile screen.

I am really enjoying the app and see all of Yahoo’s focus on mobile as the beginning of innovation for the company. I’m interested in seeing what they come up with next.

You can dowload Yahoo app for free on the app store. If you download, let us know how you like it!


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