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Hands on with Feed Wrangler

Macdaily has gotten their Mac loving hands on a new product from Dave Smith named Feed Wrangler. Feed Wrangler “is a modern, sustainable RSS reader” and I have to admit, after about an hour with it, I love it!
Feed Wrangler launched today and comes with both a web interface along with a simple and well done Free iOS App. Setting up the account is breeze (requires 18.99 of your hard earned dollars for a 1 year subscription) and there are options to get you started adding or importing your feeds right away.

Feed Wrangler allows you to import any standard OPML file, add your own feeds directly, Import directly from Google Reader (while supplies last!) and even comes with a great browser bookmarklet to allow you to add an RSS feed from any page you may visit.

Feed Wrangle comes currently comes in the Web Flavor along with the above mentioned, Feed Wrangler iOS App, but after speaking with David for a few, the Mac lovers in us all will get an app soon!

At this point I can’t be more specific than “this summer” it is a high priority for me once things settle down from the launch today.



Once setup there is a small function that I LOVE. Smart Streams. Smart Streams is basically a keyword/tag search within your RSS feeds. It allows you to focus on what you need and are looking for easier. As with most folks, my feeds total well into the 40’s which depending on the sites could warrant 100 or more articles to read daily! Smart Streams can help me choose what I want to read a bit faster.

iPhone Smart Stream

Brilliant stuff!

The iOS app is simple to use, simply designed and a true competitor to Reeder in time. If you want to read your news, and do it without interruption this app is a must have in my mind. It shows you the news you have subscribed to and nothing else. The screens are setup to maximise the reading and nothing else.

Sharing within the app allows for email, text message and Twitter at this point but look for updates as things die down for David.

Overall I would recommend this service based solely on “it does what it says”! It is fast, powerful (with items such as Smart Streams), seamless and clean! I love clean!

Here are some screenshots from the iOS app. Stay tuned to Macdaily for an update once David releases the Mac version of Feed Wrangler.






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