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Hacker jailbreaks iOS 9.2.1

While iOS 9.2.1 isn’t out of beta yet, a well-known hacker, Luca Todesco, has successfully jailbroken the iOS 9.2.1 firmware. Luca teased an iPhone 6 screenshot on Twitter showing Cydia running on iOS 9.2.1.

Luca, or as he’s more commonly known as, @qwertyoruiop says that he has no plans to release the jailbreak to the public.

His tweet reads:
“I lied. All Hail 화격자 리더. No releases.”

Lucas is no stranger to iOS security research as he was recently credited by Apple in one of its security fix acknowledgements in iOS 9.2.
Looks like we won’t be seeing a public release jailbreak from @qwertyoruiop, so right now all eyes are probably on Pangu and/or TaiG, the groups responsible for the past few jailbreaks. Either group may already have a jailbreak but are probably waiting for the next iOS release to release the jailbreak, so Apple doesn’t patch it in one of their betas.
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