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[Guide] Jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1

The iOSDaily guide to jailbreaking iOS 8, 8.1 is finally here! It’s the same basic procedure as the previous jailbreak (iOS 7.1+), but we’ll go ahead and explain it for any new jailbreakers. More after the jump…

Pangu jailbreak is compatible with all iDevices running iOS 8 – 8.1

Guide for iOS 8 – 8.1
1. Plug your iDevice into your computer.

2. Open iTunes and back up your iDevice (OPTIONAL)

3. If your iDevice has a passcode on it, disable it temporarily.
Settings > General > Passcode Lock, enter your passcode, then tap ‘Turn Passcode Off’

4. Download Pangu for iOS 8 here

5. Close iTunes and open the Pangu software you just downloaded.
For best results, make sure your iDevice is showing the Home Screen & not doing anything.

6. Click Jailbreak and follow the on-screen instructions.
The process will take a while, don’t touch your iDevice or computer during this time.

7. Once your iDevice is successfully jailbroken, Cydia will appear on your Home Screen. Open Cydia and wait for it to download the latest package data.
Cydia might need to “respring” your iDevice on the first launch.

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