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Google Now: First Look

Today, Google has updated their Google search app to support Google Now cards. This was rumored a month ago and while the rumors have died down, we have here a confirmation of the accuracy of those rumors. Google Now is a service that pulls your information from all of your Google used services. You can see birthdays from Google+, weather, traffic and other neat information on a simple, yet elegant card looking user interface.

While Google seems to be aiming at Siri, it’s hard for it to compete with it, since Siri is integrated into the operating system. If you wish to use Google Now, you basically have to live in the app. What’s even more interesting is that Google Now is available on iOS before most Android devices. This has always been puzzling to me, until I realized that Google makes more money from iOS devices than any Android device to date.

When I downloaded the app, I got a neat little intro on how to use the cards and began seeing birthdays, weather and traffic conditions near me. This is somewhat useful and kind of neat, except, I’m not a big Google user. I think the presentation is well done and the feel of the app is well implemented. I still think the service is crippled by the having to live inside of the app. Of course this is a limitation that Apple has provided and not Google.

If you live in the Google ecosystem, feel free to give it a shot and let me know how you like it.

Google Now is an update to the Google app available for free on the app store.


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