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Google+ iOS Client Updated With Auto Enhance, Hashtags & More

More and more I have been using the Google+ app. Daily it would seem. Outside of my beloved Reeder, it has now become the second most used app on my iPhone ousting Tweetbot for that title.
Some have been arguing lately that possibly the best Android phone could be the iPhone. With all of the updates, the new fucntionality, the working maps, gmail, hangouts and more, one could argue it.

But “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

The Google+ iOS client has been updated to 4.4.0 and it brings with it a slew of new features and the all too popular bug fixes.

– New Google+ Photos features keep photos organized and looking their best
* Make your photos look even better with Auto Enhance
* Browse highlights from all your photos
* Share short animations, panoramas, and more
– Hangouts has moved to it’s own app for messaging and video calls
– Discover interesting content via related hashtags
– Ability to edit more profile fields and upload a cover photo
– New interactive Google Offer posts in the stream
– Control how often What’s Hot posts appear in your stream
– Support for displaying strikethrough text
– Ability to edit comments
– Ability to copy the post’s permalink

What stands out to me are the additions of the #hastags (already seen on the web) along with the ability to control how often “What’s Hot” posts appear in my stream.

In the world of “i”, I want to see what I want to see, not anything more.

The introduction of gifs to the stream on Google+ has heightened my anger towards larger communities of gif loving folks such as Reddit and IMGUR.

Grab this update as soon as it hit’s your iDevice, I promise it will defintely boost the use of this already solid app.

Join us over at our Google+ Community to further discuss this update and how it impacts your workflow, if at all. Also find us at Twitter everyday at Macdailyco.

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