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Yesterday for a brief stint the Google Glass iOS app, my glass,  sneaked out into the wild…well the App store. It didn’t last long before it was pulled from the App Store but some users managed to get it onto their devices before it went away. Since the accidental release Google has announced that My Glass will be released at some point later this week.

My Glass has been on Android since the Google Glass program launched but until now there hasn’t been an iOS app. There are many possible reasons for this, but the prime thing to consider is that Glass hasn’t been for the public, it’s been very much a private developer and hi end tech journalist target rather than for the mass market.

Why Develop Android Only First?

Of course, developing only an Android app has helped reduce development time, allowing for a focus on the device rather than the support devices.It also means that users are going to be more locked into the google ecosystem, they could focus on getting it to work right on gmail and ignore other mail providers till later.

Finally, it was more likely to win support from the android faithful than the more critical Apple onlookers in the same way that the iWatch will be received more critically by the android crowd than the apple. And I’m sure there are  some other reasons behind the choice even if they were just dogfooding.

Google Glass Going Mainstream?

What this perhaps signifies is that Glass is moving ever closer to a public launch. Within the last month the glass explorer program has been opened up a lot more with explorers being given an extra 5 invites to glass. Although opening up glass to more users and providing an iOS app to open up the app for those in the apple ecosystem as well are all good signs for a public release the price is still a barrier that will have to change if they really want it to have mass adoption. $1500 is just too much for most users.

Maybe Google can drop the price and if their iOS apps are anything to go by, they will adapt well to the system. Which leaves one real question.

Would you want Google glass?

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