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Gmail’s iOS app now with swipe controls!

Google has updated its Gmail app to version 2.1, adding swipe controls that allow users to navigate backwards and forwards through emails without returning to the inbox. Pretty damn sweet if you ask me.
If you would have asked what I used for mail about two weeks ago I would have said I swore by the Mail app. Why?

Well for starters, the Mail app could use exchange to push emails from Google (notice I said could) and with my work allowing me to utilize my iPhone, It was a no brainer. Both work and personal email on my iPhone 5, love it!

But that was then, and since then Google has decided on any new device it will no longer be supported. So I have moved on. I rarely check the mail app any longer outside of work, which is great! And the Gmail app is on my dock!

So now that I use and love this app, no with push!, I have been tracking the new features and am loving the swipe! I am a swipe maniac, wait for the Spaces piece here on Macdaily!

Anyway, here is the short but cool feature list from the latest updated Gmail iOS App.

• Swipe left or right to move between messages without returning to the inbox
• Take action on multiple messages more quickly: Selecting a message in the inbox now enables edit mode. Once in edit mode, tap on messages to select them and then choose to archive, delete, or more, from the new actions bar. You may select Cancel at any time to leave edit mode.

And of course: performance improvements and bug fixes

Some of us out there, even writers here at Macdaily, despise Google and won’t use their products, what do you use for your email clients?

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