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Gmail for iOS Bug Found w/ Image Attachments

Not to long ago in a world of email clients, I had switched from using the default email client to the Gmail iOS app. This was a very large workflow change for me, especially since I am so retentive about my apps and what I use.
Here at Macdaily, we live and die by screen shots for putting together our iOS and OS X tip articles. We use Glui for OS X, but for iOS we take screen shots with the built in Home Button + Lock Button combo. This takes a screen shot of the homescreen, or whatever app happens to be open. It then saves to the camera roll. From the Camera Roll I usually email the image to myself (maybe I need a new workflow) and edit it in Pixelmator, Acorn or PS.

Lately, I have been wondering why my screen shots have looked so blurry. Even some of the recent posts I have done such as the Glui review and even the iOS Tip on How to Redeem an App Store Promo Code, have looked sub par for our header images.

So like any geek would do, I set out to do some tests and quickly figured out there is a bug in the Gmail iOS app.

The bug I have found (yes I believe it to be a bug as there are no settings to change it) in the Gmail for iOS app, actually downsamples any image attachments sent via the app. As seen in the screen shots below, I have sent the same screenshot from the iPhone 5 from the default mail app (on the left) and the Gmail iOS app (on the right) and as you can see there is a large, large difference in the size of the images received.


I have filed this bug with Google but wanted to post this here as to educate folks on it not being the iPhone at all.

The Gmail for iOS app has been removed from my iPhone 5 until further notice. Sorry but I need something that actually works. Until then, I will be looking for a different workflow.

Any ideas or differing workflows, do let me know what you use or do in the comments below.

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