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Glui Brings Screen Shots on OS X To A New High

I get excited easily, especially when it comes to changing a workflow that I feel has been a bit clunky in the past. Recently I had shared with you a few tips on taking screen shots in Mac OS X. This is a workflow that between work and here at Macdaily, I use multiple times a day. I have always wanted to be able to edit the screen shots with fancy arrows and the like, but never had the will to open up an image editor such as Acorn or Photoshop and go to it.
With Glui, the little app that can, all of that is right in in the palm (or trackpad) of your hand.

It took me about 5 minutes of using this to completely fall in love with what it can do. Simplicity plays a large part in this app. It just works.

Did I mention it utilizes Dropbox! The integration is great and you can upload your tweaked screenshot directly into Dropbox which in turn returns a link for you to share with others!

Glui has the ability to share directly with Email, iMessage, Twitter and the hated Facebook. Once uploaded to Dropbox, it comes back with the url automagically copied to your clipboard and ready to be shared with the world!

The simple nature of an app like this can make your workflows shine. Work has already loved the work I have done and I am about to show you a bit of magic below with what Glui can actually do.

Grab this gem from Mac App Store for 2.99 here.

Screen Shots below of Glui.




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