Glui Brings Much Needed Updates and New Features

Glui, as you have read before, is one of my Top 5 Must Have OS X Apps. Glui is a close friend of mine. We hang out a lot together.

Glui has been updated to version 1.3 and brings with it some pretty neat stuff.  My main need for this little app is for work, but even in my web design business I upload images and send links through email almost hourly.

Glui 1.3 includes the following updates:

With the above features I must say I love Glui even more. The automatically close on upload feature is a great thing, but the ability to upload any image via Finder via the right click menu is genius!

As part of the services menu on right-click, uploading is graceful and in the background. Once done, it opens a new tab in your browser with the image and link to grab. This is pretty sweet and I have used it more than I would have thought already today.

If you don’t own this great piece of software, you have to, now! Go grab Glui on the App Store now!