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After reviewing the olloclip 4-in-1 I suspected that I’d find the telephoto a more useful device. Well thanks to the very nice people at olloclip, they let me have the chance to find out!

The telephoto contains two sections, a 2X optical zoom, allowing you to get twice the distance on your iPhone with no reduction in photo quality and a polarising lens, one of the most common filters to add to a DSLR camera. It attaches in the same manor as the 4-in-1 and fastens securely to the frame of your iPhone. That’s the basics of it, but how is the telephoto in practice and is it worth splashing your hard earned cash?

What I Like

The olloclip telephoto is a tiny bit bigger than the 4-in-1 but it’s still pocket sized and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s a big boost for a product that seeks to remove the need for a DSLR to be so portable. The handy lens cary bag is also a great touch to aid portability. You don’t have to worry about your lens getting covered in fluff.

This version of the olloclip helps to overcome the biggest draw back of the iPhone’s camera. The lack of an optical zoom. Many people agree that 8 megapixels is all you really need to take a standard photo (and it is the standard many professional photographers keep to) but the big advantage of some of these super high pixel count phones is that you can keep the high image quality as you zoom. With the iPhone staying at 8 megapixels, you lose image quality when you digitally zoom.

Using the olloclip telephoto lens is just as easy as the original but there is a bit of fun you can have with it. Firstly, you can spin the polarising lens to try different polarising settings (polarising is where you block out certain wavelengths or light along certain axis and is used in sunglasses. This is great for bright intense light, reducing glare, bringing out different colors in a picture and also can help to take better pictures through windows.) creating rich tone scenes.

However, the real trick with the polarising lens comes with the adaptors provided in the kit. These let you attach the polarising lens onto the 2x zoom, wide angle and fisheye lenses. opening up the option to stack your lenses and gain the best of multiple effects.

What I Don’t Like

Although I really love the olloclip telephoto lens there are a couple of issues that haven’t made it as good as it could be. The first is that the 2x lens…is only a 2x lens. You can’t zoom any further and get even closer to the action. It’s a real shame as sometimes objects are a bit further away. However, the implementations of lenses I have seen with greater zooms look frankly terrible! They are huge bulky things so I’m glad that olloclip didn’t head in that direction. I’m sure they will continue to innovate here though.

The other issue I have is with the polarising lens. No matter how much I spin the adaptor, I can’t seem to get any different polarising results. Now this could be my untrained photographic eye that misses all the fine details, or it could be that both lenses are linked making them move round to the same degree all the time (or mine only has one lens and the effect is subtle). I suspect it’s more the latter which is a shame, but I don’t rule out the former.

Buy/Don’t Buy

I suspected the olloclip telephoto would suit me even more than the 4-in-1 and I have been proven right. That is nothing negative against the 4-in-1, in fact I’m using it more as I am now more into the habit of using the olloclip, it merely states how incredible useful these two additional functions are.

If you love iPhotography and use your iPhone to take photos a lot, then you could do a lot worse than dishing out the dole for the olloclip telephoto lens.

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