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iPhone 5 + Gameboy = Magic!

Lately there has been a negative undertone surrounding web apps. With the rise of the beautifully simple web app, things are looking up. And if you are an old school gamer like myself and love a solid 8bit game, we have the web app for you!
Game Play hits the web as a Gameboy Emulator for the iPhone 5. And it delivers hours of fun for those of us who recall the golden days of gaming. All without jailbreaking your iDevice!!

Game Play is made for the iPhone 5 in mind, runs great and utilizes your Google Drive for storage. It honestly can’t get much easier!

Store all your Game Boy ROMs and cover art in Google Drive. Adding a game to Game Play is as simple as dragging-and-dropping it into your Google Drive and opening the game library.

With any product such as this, there is the need for the roms themselves. Doing a quick Google search can grant you the files you need to store on your Google Drive. While Macdaily doesn’t support the use of roms as a whole, we do support such a great web app that runs smoothly and does exactly what it states it does.

The app simply works. Simply do the following to enjoy the 8bit fun!

  1. Find the game roms you want
  2. Upload them to your Google Drive
  3. On your iDevice, hit up Game Play’s website
  4. Save the site to your home screen
  5. Open the app
  6. Login into Google Drive
  7. Tap the screen to select your game
  8. Enjoy hours of fun!

While you can’t save, or at least in the short time I have tested the app, you can play for as long as you choose. I played Tetris for a few minutes and it brought back some great memories!

Is this a web app you would use?

Screens below:

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