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From Horror to Hero: Has an Apple Genius Solved Your Problem?

My first MacBook Pro is also my current MacBook Pro, a 13-inch mid-2009 model to be precise. After suffering a devastating, life-changing moment that year, I took to retail therapy and dropped money I didn’t have to finally complete my metamorphosis from frustrated PC user to one of those happy-go-lucky Mac people. I wanted to be as cool and carefree as Justin Long. I made a wealth of difficult decisions that year, but getting that Mac was one of my easiest choices. I made the switch for a number of reasons, but I was always fascinated by the fact that Macs (then) weren’t the object of virus-makers’ affections and didn’t need to be rebooted every hour.
So, color me surprised when two years later my Mac started behaving erratically. An ungodly noise emanated from its core. Though it would still boot up, it simply wasn’t working as reliably as before. It would hang on shutdowns, and I’m sure my forced shutdowns encouraged its continued demise.

Eventually, it wouldn’t even boot up. I took it to my local Apple store and dropped it off with a Genius, praying for a miracle.They diagnosed it as a hard drive failure and kept it for a week. Once I got it back home and plugged it in, the Mac purred like a kitten; however, the kitten was

a snow leopard when it should have been a mountain lion. My “Genius” had failed to reinstall the OS I’d already upgraded to. While performing the reinstallation myself wasn’t a large hassle, it was made more cumbersome by the fact that I didn’t have a hard copy of the installation since I’d downloaded the new OS directly from Apple. After re-downloading the install files, I was finally on my way to having my Mac back.

This story serves as a reminder and a call for comments.¬†Geniuses are very knowledgeable, but they’re still human, and can still make mistakes.

What has your Genius experience been like? Share the good and the bad, the horror stories and the hero stories.

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  1. I am currently in this same process right now. I am on day 5 of not having my iMac because it is behind the Apple Genius counter at my local Apple store. Third time in the last month or so for the same problem. Along with my hard drive, which was already new as of a few weeks ago, they are replacing my screen because the Apple Genius noticed a slight flicker that I am pretty sure wasn’t happening when I had the iMac at home. My Apple Care runs out in July, so I will take any fixes I can get.
    Overall I have had a very positive experience though with the Apple Genius crew both at my local store and the Boylston Street Store in Boston. Apple Care is completely worth the peace of mind and the Apple Geniuses, while fallible, generally do a fantastic job.