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Procrastination is a pain in the arse. There are a whole host of reasons why people procrastinate and differ from person to person. No wonder amazon is full of books and the internet is crowded with blog posts and resources on how to beat procrastination.

These resources usually target one personality type and don’t help you identify what type of difficulties you are facing at this specific moment or even your issues in general. Instead they usually offer you a one size fits all solution which may not be what you need.

What you really need is to identify this precise road block, help to overcome this issue and catalogue your blocks to help you deal with them in the future.

As luck would have it, there is a brilliant free iPad app that can help you deal with your procrastination issues in this moment and over the long term. Unstuck.

Unstuck from Unstuck on Vimeo.

What is Unstuck?

Unstuck is an iPad app that asks you a series of questions to help you identify what your difficulties are in this moment and suggests actions on how to deal with them.

The simple process starts with asking you how you are feeling, what type of issue it is (personal/professional, affecting just you, others or both you and other people) then it goes into what you have done in this moment before finally asking you what thoughts you are having. With all these pieces of information it diagnoses your particular procrastination issue and gives you action points.


What I Liked

The process of using the app is therapy in itself. As you go through you can start to realise what mistakes you’ve been making before you even get up to the diagnosis.

The app has some built in activities so you can get on to dealing with your procrastination straight away rather than having to download another application or find a notepad you left somewhere.

The app also tracks your previous “stuck” moments helping you to see if the reoccurring “stuck” issues are coming up or if you are experiencing different issues as you go along.


Finally, there is a community behind the app who are supporting each other. You can find people who suffer the same issues so you can encourage and help each other out.

What I Didn’t Like

The first part that I noticed is that the app won’t save your “stuck moments” or give you the tools unless you sign up for an account (which seems intent on needing Facebook to link in). While this is a world different from needing a paid account and still keeps the app free but The limit on storing your stuck moments isn’t based on a hardware limit. It’s an intentional barrier to encourage you to sign up.

Although this app really makes use of the size of the iPad for the steps you go through, it would make a lot of sense to create (at least the diagnosis part of the application) for an iPhone which you are more likely to have on you all the time. I can’t imagine that you’d have as good an experience on the iPhone but having it with you all the time would add great value.

Finally, this is still no replacement for a professional and as always filling in the guides can make some mistakes. The tools also only deal with the problems you have in this moment, they aren’t going to help you insure this doesn’t happen again in the future.

Buy/Don’t Buy

If you struggle with Procrastination on a regular or occasional basis then this is a great tool for you. Not only will it help provide you with actionable ideas for both this moment but also long term action to prevent feeling this way in the future and help you track deep-rooted issues. However, you will still need other tools and advice to deal with these issues in the long run.

Download here

Developer: SYPartners LLC
Price: Free

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