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The internet has completely revolutionized how we find out information especially when we need to make or fix something. The wealth of guides out there and resource to help you when you have a problem is immense and whereas in the past, we had to wait for publishers to put out books on a subject which at best had text and images, now we can get guides with videos, audio, interactive images and released almost as soon as there are new updates.

The latest app that aims to enter into this space is Snapguide.

What is SnapGuide?

Snapguide is an app filled with “how to guides” for all sorts of topics from the obvious cooking and craft right down to technology and games and tricks. Although it doesn't have any videos or audio guides (yet?) it is filled with high quality and screen filling images with accompanying text to explain the images.

Snapguide is also user generated so there are always plenty of guides on a wide variety of topics that are up to date. The app not only lets you access guides but also create them from the same app.

What I like

Snapguide is highly visual and has a focus on good quality images to help guide the user. Having so many users create guides also creates a huge catalogue of material to select from which are kept up to date. There are also comments on each slide that allow for clarification of confusing guides and to help keep things up to date with the latest changes.

Perhaps most importantly, you can share a webpage with the snapguide so that it isn't limited to just those who have iOS but to anyone. And if you would like a guide on a certain topic, you can request one in the requests topic.

What I don't like

Unfortunately snapguide suffers slightly from being a guide for everything. Because there are so many categories it means there are a lot of guide and it can be a hassle to navigate through. Perhaps a model with snapguide: recipes/ snapguide:[topic] would be a better option for those who don't want every topic. However, this is only a minor annoyance.

As you might expect, the quality of the guides varies a lot as well. Some are really great and others are either repeats of other guides, have lower quality images or are on topics that just aren't that useful for most people.

Buy/Don't Buy

I've recently started to try to cook at a higher quality and so snapguide is a great resource for me. Likewise, if you do a lot of DIY or random science experiments (want to learn how to make a glowstick?) then it could be a great app for you. However, it still doesn't have features such as audio and video which other online sites have.

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