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When I was about 14 one of my friends lent me a CD with one of his favorite bands on. I remember getting home, putting it in the CD player and pressing play. A few second later the music started to leak through the speaker, loud electrical guitar chords, high pitched but powerful vocals and teenaged angst.

That band was Radiohead and 3 days ago they released their first iOS app. PolyFuana

What is PolyFauna?

Polyfuana is a new app from the British band Radiohead that is out on iOS and Android. It was a collaboration with Universal Everything and was apparently born out of their recording sessions from their last album King of Limbs (released in 2011) and inspired by the song bloom in particular.

The app takes you into a strange sonic world where as you move you interact with it and cause different sounds to occur. You interact by moving your device, which moves your position and touching the screen creating strange spikes.

What I Like

The graphics within the app are incredible. It really makes use of the retina screen’s ability to show great 3d images. The world’s that you enter are also huge, it’s easy to get lost within a section of the sound track wondering around to find the little red dot that will take you on to the next world (much like Jerry O’Connell in sliders)

I’m also personally a fan of Radiohead’s music and so the background sound track was always going to be something I liked. However, this is very much personal preference and if you only like “the bends” and “ok computer” era Radiohead…you might be disappointed (though you have probably been disappointed for almost 20 years now)

What I Don’t Like

Although the app is a very cool experience and nice to get lost in…it isn’t exactly useful. I honestly can’t imagine this being the sort of thing I come back to for any purpose. I know there is certainly a place for things like this on the iPad but it’s not exactly a gripping app that you have to use again and again.

Buy/ Don’t Buy

It is a free app so that removes any price obstacle, It’s worth a play and explore one or two times but I imagine you will probably quickly tire and uninstall it. Don’t get me wrong, the app isn’t bad, it’s really cool…but it’s just cool.

Developer: Radiohead
Price: Free

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