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So many photo apps offer similar things these days. They can take a picture (sometimes with split exposure or something similar), they can add a filter over the top (of varying qualities) quite a few can add some fancy text over the top of your photo and almost all of them give you ANOTHER social network.

Okdothis takes a slight different approach, sure it has all those features but that is not it’s central idea. Okdothis is different because it focuses on ideas rather than just the tools. That’s right, okdothis tells you what to take a photo off providing you with inspiration for what photos you should take and not just the means to take and share them.

You don’t just get a set list to work through, just like how Instagram allows you to share your picture, okdothis let’s you share your photo tasks as well as your photos. These are then organised via a few main groups including the “do of the day”, “trending”, “discover” and “recent” but also via catagories such as kids, life highlights and so on.

What I like

I love this take on a photo app that is different from the rest and tackles a different. Aspect of taking photos, the inspiration and idea stage rather than just processing or editing the photo. Sure instagram sets a weekly challenge with a hashtag and there are online communities where you can find challenges and themes similar to this app, however the discoverability and appification of the idea deserves recognition.

The crowd sourcing aspect is also a great way to insure that there are constant fresh ideas and not just a set list that repeats. It also allows you to not just be stuck to one “do” a day and even try to create a popular and interesting idea for people to do.


The editing options will feel very familiar if you use vsco or pressgram but it does include a couple of more unique touches such as the filters showing you what range of tones it will add or highlight rather than a preview of the photo, which makes a lot of sense when you can change the strength of the filter.

What I don’t like

My first major complaint occurred during the sign up process, I’m not sure exactly what I was doing but either when I tried to set up my account via my twitter account or when I searched for my twitter friends the app automatically tweeted that I was using the service with a prepoluated tweet. This sort of activity annoys the heck out of me, I definitely did not click “tweet on my behalf” and searching to find a contact is very different an app automatically tweeting for you.

Other than that It’s a minor complaint that I wish the app connected better with other social networks rather than forcing it’s own option. There are some clear benefits as you can see what other people have done for the challenge as well as providing better statistics for trending items and similar ideas. However, I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels social networked out. I suspect that the app might not have stickibility due to that as not enough people I know will use it and it is walled off from other networks.

Buy/don’t buy

I love the idea of okdothis taking a different approach to photo apps, however I fear that this app won’t have enough power to stick due to it’s focus on the social network, but with not enough people using the social network. I hope I’m wrong but well just have to see.

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