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Some of us plan and organise our thoughts in difference ways. To some people it’s very easy and they can just do it in their heads, others need to say out loud what they are thinking to really put it together and for some, they need a visual system so they can see their ideas in an organised style. A common form of this type of organisation is Mind mapping. It’s for these people that an application like the MindNote Series are really useful.

What is MindNote Lite?

Mindnote lite is the free version of the paid for MindNote Pro, a Mind mapping app for the Mac. Mindmapping is a common technique to organise your thoughts on a page and this app is designed to help you layout your thoughts in a clutter free environment. You can create “nodes” with a single click of the mouse, move your nodes by dragging and dropping. What’s more, if you really need to get a lot down onto a page then MindNode will expanded indefinitely and even let you have multiple mind maps on one page.

Mindnote lite also let’s you export your mind maps into a variety of formats including PDF, TIFF, PNG and even text.

What I like

Within MindNote Lite there is a spellchecker so you won’t be sending off the summary of your business brain storming session with unprofessional spelling mistakes.

The options to choose the colors of all your nodes is also great if you have strong associations between words, ideas and colors. Likewise, you can adjust the size of the different strings to show importance of the links. Both of which add to the experience of organising your thoughts.

MindNote Lite can also export to a variety of formats and provides the option to print off your mind map allow you to share and store your mind maps in a formate that can be used by other applications and accessed in the future.

What I don’t Like

One of the keys to mind mapping is using visual clues and the more visual the person they more they are going to want. Unfortunately MindNote Lite only offers text with colored links between the nodes. If you want to import an image or have an actionable html link then you can’t. Unless you pay for the pro version.

Although there is a touch version of MindNote, it is impossible to sync using the lite version, it is another occasion where you need to purchase the pro version to get all the features.


Buy/Don’t buy

If you often do some form of creative work (including some form of brainstorming) and find it helpful to have images to help guide you then maybe you should check out using MindNote…but maybe not the Lite version. The pro version adds in a few features that might be worth paying for the upgrade of $19.99. However, if you only occasionally use mind maps and sometimes find it useful to use a different system for organising your thoughts, then perhaps using the lite version is good enough for you.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
MindNode 4
MindNode 4
Price: 16,99 €


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  1. This looks like a brilliant app. It would be perfect to use while working on some CSS, or even better yet, when writing an article. Thanks for the review of it, I’m going to give it a try.

    I’m not to sure about paying $20 for the pro version though. From what you’ve written about, the lite version seems like it will do the job just fine for me.

    • No problem Zander. It really depends on the type of person and how they brainstorm though. If they find images are really helpful then there are other, cheaper alternatives, but if like you they really don’t need that then Mindnode Lite is perfect for them. I’m using the lite version myself but I do wish it had support for images…but I don’t want to pay $20 for that one feature. Oh well!