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Free App Friday – Magicka

Last week was our first of many Free App Friday’s and it was a big named app. We wanted to cover a variety of apps during our tie together for Free App Friday.
As a reminder what we cover with Free App Friday is now free for a time. It may be only for today, or it may be a weekly special buy you should grab it right away. Don’t miss out on it.

Today we have another game, but for the iPad this round. This title may be a bit more obscure for most of us out there. Sitting at number 10 on the charts, Magicka is our free app of the week.

A disclaimer that this game includes in-app purchases to help you move the game along a bit faster.

Magicka is a 2D scroller based upon the popular PC game of the same name. Reborn but kept together for the iPad and our lovely little gem of an iDevice.

Touch, tap, poke, and prod your way through the new campaign by yourself, or “accidentally” obliterate your friends in multiplayer co-op, which supports up to four wizards! Play together with fellow mages across multiple platforms, which may co-exist in the same game session thanks to a twisted union made possible by dark sorcery!

This is a must have game for any iPad owner as it will give you hours of enjoyment, whether or not you are into Magic or even this game style.

Check out the trailer below and make sure you grab this game while it’s free!

Make sure you grab Magicka off the App Store or here.

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