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When I was 13 I was looking for a Mother’s day present. I went into all the usual places to pick up a present for women but I couldn’t find anything that I thought was right. I was on the verge of giving up when I found fridge poetry. Knowing that my mother loved poetry and the idea of a series of fridge magnets which you could move around and create your own poems.

Since I first encountered these fridge poetry offshoots have emerged including Shakespearian English, a love kit, letter sets, and even beer and bacon sets. 

And now a free iOS app called FridgePoems from colormonkey. No longer are you location bound to being near your fridge, now you can create fridge poetry wherever you are and share it with someone else.

What I Like

As anyone who does something creative will tell you, sometimes setting barriers and boundaries can really inspire creativity and FridgePoems is a perfect example of this. When you open the app you are presented with a deep vintage red refrigerator, which has strong tones of american about it, and a few words of black text with a white square outline. This helps distinguish between movable items and the background.

To move the words around you need to zoom in (removing the hints of a fridge and replacing it with a plain red background and words). At this point you can move “outside the fridge” where you find the rest of the words from the set. This is distinguishable by a duller red background and a broken line boarder. If you want one of these words in your poem, you can simply drag it into the square.

You can randomise the words that are in view on your screen if you want to change the words you are starting with and if you don’t like the words on offer, you can switch to a different word set (such as christmas). Some of these sets are unlock able and others are in app purchase.

Once you’ve made your poem you can take a snapshot of it and share it with the world! Now you don’t have to have people come round and happen across your fridge to see your genius. Plus if you aren’t a fan of a red fridge and yellow background you can change the fridge design, colour and background.

What I Don’t Like

Unfortunately I have experienced a lot of random crashes when using the app, this is still it’s first release but after I downloaded the app I had an update but the crashes have persisted. This makes the app very hard to use. It seems to occur when you return to the home screen of the app after changing the colour and design of the fridge or when you change the background.

The other downside of the app is…it’s digital. Although I love the idea of making this great tool digital there is something great about moving pieces of card with magnetic strips on the back over an actual fridge, there is also great fun in coming downstairs and seeing what your friends and family have done to the fridge. The developers could add a feature with collaborative boards and using an iPad (the app does come on the iPad) to simulate this idea but for me it won’t be the same as a physical fridge with these magnets.

Buy/Don’t Buy

If you are looking for a bit of fun or a way to release your creative side then FridgePoems is a great way to let it all out. However, after you’ve had a bit of a play with the app I suggest you go out and buy a physical set for your fridge.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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