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A long time ago in a land far far away we introduced you all to Free App Friday. A little column once a week that we highlight a free app for the iPhone or iPad. Free App Friday started with Angry Birds Space and today we bring you Angry Birds in a whole new way.

Star Wars style, and for the iPad in HD!

Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars HD are now free for a limited time so grab them as soon as you can.

The game combines elements of both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, featuring levels that take place on both standard terrain and in outer space. The game begins on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker‘s home planet, moves to the Death Star, travels to Hoth , and with an in-app purchase (or earning 3-stars on Tatooine/Death Star) goes to Dagobah, and ends up in Cloud City.

Check out the trailer below and make sure you grab this game while it’s free!

Grab the iPhone and iPad HD version both at these links – Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars HD

If you have an OS X or iOS app that you want Macdaily to feature on the Free App Friday weekly column, hit us up via the contact us link!

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