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Weather has always been a very important part of human life. It’s often the first thing we do when we get up in the morning and the last thing we do when we go to sleep. This is why it’s so frustrating that weather websites pretty much suck today. They all feature so much noise and details and ads that it makes them almost undesirable. This is where comes in. is a beautiful, easy and intuitive website. It features a map of the globe (you can change to regional ad local), the weather details on the right hand side and the forecast for the next few days underneath. When you click on a day, you get hourly details fo the weather with some nice vector animations. All this information is provided in beautiful typography and colors that are easy on the eyes.

Forecast Global 1 Mac

On your iOS Device is also available via your iPhone or iPad. However, when you to the site on Safari you won’t see a web-based view of the site. Instead, you have to save the icon as a web app.


I know what you are thinking. Web-apps are usually slow and terrible. But this is where Shines. It’s simple, easy and very pretty. You get the weather, details for the next hour, and a short view of the next 24 hours and an hourly look at your weather by swiping your finger across.

main io view copy
When you tap on Map, you have three options. Global, Regional, Local. Each shows a satellite view of the weather in their significant areas. You can also swap on the lower part of the screen to see the clouds moving through time.

map global view copy

Overall, is a testament of the power of innovation in the weather space. It’s so good that it has replaced my actual app from my iPhone. Think about that for a second. A web app replacing a full native app. I never would have imagined uttering those words.

Why don’t you give a shot. If you do, would love to hear your take on it. What do you think?


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  1. Super article Moe, I visited the site a week or so ago but had yet to visit it on my iPhone. Glad you pointed me in that direction, it really does have a native app feel to it. Did notice a little ad for “Harvest” at the bottom of the “Next Week” tab, but it really wasn’t intrusive at all.

    • Yeah, I noticed the small ad too. I hate ads, but I’m willing to overlook it for this app. It’s that good! Try it in a full browser (not mobile). Beautiful, and the ad is a bit more obvious there too. :/

    • Nothing like finding the one after a lot of on and off weather relationships. I’m glad you found the one for you! She’s lovely!!! 🙂