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Although the camera on the iPhone and iPads continues to improve quickly approaching a state of being more than good enough for all but the most serious of photographers, there are other problems that can cause your photos to not quite come up to standard. One of the main ones is the location you take the photo in. If you want to take a photo of a particular product, then just taking a picture on a table doesn’t exactly look good. Having a uniform background with good lighting is very important if you want to produce good quality, attractive images.

Step in Foldio, the first folding smartphone studio that is currently running a kickstarter and met its funding target in under a day.

Foldios premise is simple. It’s made of laminated card, has magnets to hold it in place once assembled and make it easy to disassemble (but not fall apart mid shot) and has a battery powered led strip to provide light great lighting. The results look impressive and much improved over just taking a shot of an item on a random table.

foldio iphone

When you add in that it is highly portable which it’s easy to assemble and disassemble folding pattern and portable carry case and the optional colored backgrounds, you can see it looks like a great option for people who need to take frequent product shots with a smartphone or a more professional DSLR.

There are size limitations so you’re not going to be able to take shots of a bike, but if you run an ebay store and want to show off the latest watches, make stop motion animations with lego, or even run a daily Mac website where you need sample images of apps and hardware then this is perfect.

foldio design

Perhaps it’s no wonder that it has already met not only it’s goal but also the first stretch goal and so they are creating a set of limited edition foldios for the kickstarter campaign. The Campaign has over 30 days left and is due to ship to backers in February.

As such I’ve already backed it myself and went for the customizable backgrounds. When it arrives I’ll be sure to share some pictures both of the product and using it.

Headover to Orange Monkey’s kickstarter page to back it yourslef

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