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Clothes are tough to sell. We all need them, but there are so many options out there for people to choose from. To speak in marketing terms, although it is a “must have” people have clothes and so your clothes become a “nice to have”. Trying to sell a “nice to have” is a tough tough game to get into. Your battling against huge companies with long brand histories…so how on earth am I going to get someone to buy a tshirt with my design on it?

Well as any good marketer will tell you, you need to go “niche” if big players are in your space. That means appealing to a smaller sub group and not to EVERYone. This works great when you “solve a problem” that no one else is dealing with but not so great when you are trying to sell a “nice to have” something which people don’t really need. Luckily, I know some advice that can help.

Corey Miller’s Advice on Apparel

Corey Miller who ran the successful Three words apparel said that the way you can sell apparel and nice to haves is sharing a story that people can relate to. This is a way that people relate to your products and want to share that message. So Seanwes’s hustle tshirt is popular because people know and relate to the message behind it, to work hard and create everyday. This helps but there’s still an issue, who can I make a design for? Who would relate to a story I could tell and what would that message be?

I thought about it for a while and had a few ideas, I even mocked up a few design but then I realised that people who read this site probably share a lot of my values, so yes. I’m making something for you guys. It also has a nice bonus in that the marketing I do for the shirt, can also help promote this site as well. That’s a win win win.

Getting inspiration: Pinterest!

This is the first app I’m mentioning on this site, and it’s a social network! Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and save a board of inspiration. It can be used as a search tool but also as a place to save links and images to. I love it’s visual design and its focus on creativity. It made perfect sense to search for similar design on this app. Of course, I was looking for design inspiration on two fronts.

  1. 1. Creativity/ entrepreneurs
  2. Apple tech and iPad users.

After a while of looking I found about two design which weren’t awful via Pinterest search…darn. Luckily, there’s still Google search and it’s easy to save ideas to a private Pinterest board.
Another issue I faced with trying to find ideas was that the best ideas aren’t strictly direct or obvious ideas. In other words, tshirts which say “APPLE!” Or “ENTREPRUER” even if they have some other text are generally not so good. However, one’s which are more “inside references” are much better.

What’s Next?

The next step is trying to get some ideas down on paper.

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