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Remember AirBnB? The app that lets you rent a room or find a room to stay in for either free or a low price? Well someone thought the idea was so good that they decided to make a version for Toilets. AirPnP continues the idea started with apps like AirBnB, Uber and Lyft where you can sell your services directly to customers, in this case it’s just your facilities. The idea is especially for those occasions when you’re out at a festival or parade and all the provided facilities are occupied, you open the app (it’s a responsive web app that runs on any device, but there are native apps in the works ) find a near by facility and head towards it. You can either pay at the location or via the app.

Perhaps it’s no surprised that AirPnP was announced and launched just before Mardi Gras as both of the creators are from New Orleans. On AirPnP they state that their aim is to help reduce the number of “rough pees” that occur and lead to incarceration. Having wondered around my local city after its own Carnival celebration, I can imagine that great access to facilities might have helped reduce the smell of urine that hung in the air.


Some of the facilities appear to be standard toilets in people’s houses, however, there are some more impressive facilities such as a hotel bathroom where “Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Frank Sinatra, and Walt Disney have all peed”.

At last count there are some 168 bathrooms to choose from but I’m sure the number will increase as more people become familiar with the app and the idea. Unfortunately, it does mean I would have to take a 12 hour train or car journey to get to my closest AirPnP facility so I doubt I’ll find much use for this app for a while.

Check out the app here.  

Would you use a service like AirPnP?

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