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Launch Center Pro has been a staple of the Power users iPhone for a while now. It’s ability to automate actions, clear space on your home screen and do tasks that would be complicated at best and impossible in many cases with out make it a great tool. Sure there is the learning curve and the pain of setting it up, but once you have it is an incredible tool.

And now you can get all that power from Launch Center Pro for the iPad as well.

Launch Center Pro For The iPad

With Launch Center Pro 2.2 arriving on the iPad it has opened a whole host of automation on the iPad that assists in it’s journey to becoming a really powerhouse work tool. If you are unfamiliar with Launch Center Pro then check out the video below. Otherwise skip to the next section.

When you factor in the ability to back up your actions to Dropbox that arrived in version 2. There is a simple way to import the same actions into your iPad. Very necessary to help create a sense of parity between the devices. This parity is reinforced by keeping the functionality and design aesthetics very similar.

The iPad has a larger 4 x 5 grid instead of the iPhones 3 x 5 and the icons are obviously larger. However, in spite of these differences contrast haven’t introduced adesign dramatically different utilising the larger screen size but they have added in Multitouch group support which does assist in using the larger screen size.

The new version of Launch center pro also introduces the cross device ability to move actions around rather than needing to delete and recreate them. You can do this by entering the editing mode and then using two fingers to drag the actions around.

New Features in 2.2

Launch center pro has also added support, on both the iPhone and iPad, for

  • Dropbox text creation and amendment
  • Dictionary look up
  • VoiceOver support (reading the text below your finger to assist gesture control for those who have sight deficiencies)
  • Multitouch group support (enabling you to hold a group and then select an action at the same time especially useful on a larger iPad screen)
  • and text to speech (allowing dictation of text.)

Head over to the App store to download Launch Center for the iPhone and iPad today. (There is a limited time 40% off sale on both the iPhone and iPad version)

Launch Center Pro
Launch Center Pro
Developer: Contrast
Price: 5,49 €
Launch Center Pro for iPad
Launch Center Pro for iPad
Developer: Contrast
Price: 5,49 €

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