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In app purchases have become the norm for game developers in the app store. It’s rare for a threes! or monument valley to come along and receive mass downloads for a premium price. The norm is an app using one of the various different in app purchase schemes and use the free option to get itself into people’s hands. FFFFF2P is a very tongue-in-cheek game which both uses the free with in app purchase model and critiques it at the same time!

What I Like


The game has three buttons, left, right and jump. You can unlock a double jump option (for coins or money) but other than that, those are your controls! As you move around a monster above you chucks ads and in app purchases down at you trying to crush you! Although it starts easily

The simple game dynamic, great retro graphics and difficult challenge in FFFFF2P makes it highly addictive and great to pick up and put down. You can go on an hour long toilet sitting run or a simple minute or two as you stand in a queue.

Finally, the soundtrack is a great 8-bit retro game tribute that will take you back to your first games console memories.

What I Don’t Like

fffff2p_4Although FFFFF2P is partial satire of the whole in-app purchase model, FFFFF2P still forces you to make an in app purchase. Personally, I didn’t have much issue spending a little money to get the upgrade that give you +50 coins every second. Considering how few coins you get otherwise, this really is the only way to do well in the game and have a hope of purchasing the completion of the game (for a mere 1,000,000 coins!)

Buy/Don’t Buy

if you don’t mind paying $2.99 for FFFFF2P (that is the in app purchase which gives you +50 coins every second) then go for it, if you want a completely free game, then look elsewhere. This is a great critique of some in app purchase games but beware that you will have to pay if you wish to complete it.

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