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Feedly gets updated, still not close to Reeder

Google Reader is being shut down! NOOOOOOO. Oh wait, everyone and their mothers know this by now. And shame on all of you for inciting a riot when it was not needed at all. RSS will live on, possibly in another life or even as something much different, but it will live on.
Feedly, which you may have heard of also while living under your rock, has gotten a ton of publicity the last few days and rightfully so. They have made it very simple for folks who wanted an easy way out of Google Reader to feel at home somewhere else.

Honestly, I hate Feedly. There I said it. If I wanted a magazine look for my RSS feed I would have set it up long ago in a much better iOS app named Flipboard.

If I wanted a busy look, if I wanted too many pictures and not enough words, if I wanted to be drawn in by the editorial madness of a magazine of images, I would go with Feedly. Yes it sports some nice new features for the iOS update (seen below) but it’s not all impressive.

☂ Fixes random logout bug, and many other smaller issues
★ New Feed Search and Discovery.
★ New Title Only View. More controls over layouts.
★ Enhanced Sharing & Save for Later
★ New “Must Read” Section to easily organize the feeds you don’t want to miss
★ Customize Favorite Sharing Tool to G+, Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, Email or browser
★ Customize Favorite Save for Later Tool to Pocket
★ Mark as read card at the end of each sections
★ Pull to refresh in the home selector

So why am I so up in arms about Feedly and the press it has gotten. Well that is not what RSS Is truly about.

In my eyes, which may be different than yours, RSS is to be simple, of wait…. hmm I forgot it stands for:

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 9.57.35 PM

REALLY SIMPLE Syndication. Not convoluted, over the top, over indulgent syndication. Yes I am well aware I may have crossed the line into over exaggeration, but I stand behind my words!

Reeder is it. It’s plain simple and oh yeah, it’s really simple!

When I open up my RSS Reader of choice (Reeder) I want one thing. Really simple views of the news I asked to sign up to receive. I don’t want anything fancy. I want great content, and if and when I choose to come to your site, well, I will see your flashy images then.

So with my opinion out of the way, what do you say about RSS, should it be really simple, or something different?

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  1. I’d hate to hear your take on Pinterest. 🙂
    FWIW, I’m a Feedly fan, but I’m glad for the recent update that includes the title only view. I was an ardent Google Reader fan, and it was an essential part of my workflow for my day job.

    Maybe I’ll have to check out Reeder now, especially since the dev made it free, and you made such a “definitive” argument.

  2. I would love to take the other side of this argument. But I can’t, I happen to fully agree with you. I appreciate the work that goes into Feedly, but Reeder is how RSS should be done.

  3. The Feedly “magazine look” to which you’re referring only exists on their rollup/digest pages (such as “Today”).
    View any feed or feed folder and you get a standard, linear, “river of news” layout much like Google Reader’s. Furthermore, it supports all the standard keyboard commands.

    Maybe click on a link or two before lampooning the entire service.