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Fast & Furious: Legacy Makes Its Way Onto the App Store

Just in time for the theater release of Fast and Furious 7, we have a tie-in game, Fast & Furious: Legacy. This free-to-play racer, comes with over 50 cars with loads of customization options including, vinyls, paint jobs, rims and more. If you’re looking for a new racing game Fast & Furious: Legacy might be worth checking out…

Fast & Furious: Legacy has been in soft launch for a few months now and has only just been released on the App Store. Unlike traditional racing games, Fast & Furious: Legacy has a few different gameplay styles to make up a racing lifestyle experience.
You don’t have much control over your car in this Fast & Furious game. There are some drag racing elements where you have to time your gear changes correctly to beat the competition, all the while trying to dodge other vehicles on the road. The drift mode means you have to flick the back-end of your car out while weaving around a track, but still you have limited control over the car here.
You can play in the Story mode which takes you through a variety of locations from the movie or if you prefer you can check out the Getaway & Takedown modes where you obviously get away from someone chasing you or takedown another car.
I’ve been playing Fast & Furious for a few hours now and it seems to be a pretty good game. I can’t really take this racer very serious what with it not being a traditional racer but you can definitely kill some time with this. 
It’s also worth noting that iTunes currently the previous Fast and Furious movies for $9.99 each in HD. Head to the iTunes Store to take advantage of this promotion.
You can download Fast & Furious: Legacy right now from the App Store here
Will you be taking Fast & Furious: Legacy for a test drive? Sound off in the comments below
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