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f.lux developers respond to Apple’s Night Shift feature in iOS 9.3

The developers of the popular software/tweak, f.lux, have responded to Apple’s inclusion of an f.lux-like feature in iOS 9.3. Check it out after the jump.

If you’re unfamiliar with f.lux, it is basically a utility that ‘warms up’ the colors of your screen to make it easier on your eyes when using your device at night. Apple recently released iOS 9.3 to beta testers, one of the notable features of the beta was ‘Night Shift‘, which basically replicates f.lux.

The developers start by saying:

“Apple announced this week that they’ve joined our fight to use technology to improve sleep.

There is a lot to be done. Indeed, workers on the “night shift” have nearly double the lifetime risk of cancer, and much of this is believed to be driven by exposure to bright light at the wrong times. 

Apple’s involvement in fixing this problem is a big commitment and an important first step. 

We’re proud that we are the original innovators and leaders in this area. In our continued work over the last seven years, we have learned how complicated people actually are. The next phase of f.lux is something we cannot wait to ship to the world.”

While ‘Night Shift’ in iOS 9.3 might fully replace f.lux for some, the developers are still campaigning to have the f.lux app in the App Store.

Today we call on Apple to allow us to release f.lux on iOS, to open up access to the features announced this week, and to support our goal of furthering research in sleep and chronobiology.”

If you remember, recently, users were able to side-load f.lux onto an iOS 9 device without having to jailbreak, then days later, Apple pulled the plug on this method. So, as of right now, the only way to get f.lux on your device is to have a jailbroken device and search for the tweak on Cydia.

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