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Exclusives to Apple Music

At the WWDC 2015 Keynote event earlier this month, Apple announced their new streaming service, Apple Music, already going up against some fierce competition, Apple has a few aces up its sleeve. Officially releasing to the public alongside iOS 8.4 today, we’re going to see some exclusive Apple Music content…

By now you’ve probably heard about the to and fro between Apple and popstar Taylor Swift. Initially, Apple wasn’t going to pay artists anything during the free trial on Apple Music, Taylor Swift quickly spoke up about this by penning an open letter to Apple. Apple heard the artist/s and had a change of heart. Apple will now pay artists for each and every stream during the Apple Music free trial.

Right, now onto some of the exclusive music you’ll get if you use Apple Music:
Dr. Dre – The Chronic

Dr. Dre, CEO of Aftermath Entertainment Beats and founder of Beats Electronics (along with Jimmy Iovine). You may have heard Dre’s name in the same sentence as Apple a few times since Apple purchased Beats last year for $3 billion. The Chronic will be exclusively available on Apple Music, you will not find it anywhere else to stream.

AC/DC – Complete Catalogue

Whether you’re a rock fan or not, you will have heard of AC/DC. The group’s complete catalogue of music will be available on Apple Music & iTunes today. AC/DC has never offered its music on streaming services until today.

Taylor Swift – 1989

After Apple decided to pay artists for streaming their music during the free trial of Apple Music, Taylor Swift offered to put her hit album 1989 exclusively on the streaming service. Now, you won’t find this on any other streaming services. In the end it’s a win-win for artists, fans and Apple.

You can grab the above albums by clicking the respective images or you can wait to stream them when Apple Music goes live later today.

Are you going to use Apple Music? Will these albums sway your decision? Sound off in the comments below

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