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One of the greatest but often overlooked technologies of our time is the camera that lives inside our smartphones. This is especially true when we talk about the iPhone. The iSight camera, chip and innovation that lives inside of it is remarkable considering how thin these phones are. Lovers of photography have found ways to make art with their devices. It’s about more than selfies and our lunches, it’s about stretching every inch of light and technology to give SLR’s a run for their money.

As an iPhone photographer, I have taken over 2,000 photos over the last 12 months. I can say with certainty that the biggest challenge has always been movement when it came to getting the perfect shot. I always wished I can fit my iPhone in a mount, or stand. This is where the Glif comes in.

glif on tripod -

The Glif is a tripod mount and stand for smartphone devices. The device is adjustable to fit any smartphone you throw at it. Having used it for about a week, I can say with certainty that it’s really great!

What I like

The Glif is small and pocketable device made of a rubber-like material. It feels good in your hand and it’s just the right size to hold your smartphone. No risk of easily dropping it, because this thing has a great grip. The material also helps hold your smartphone without worrying about possible scratches on your device.

The Glif is adjustable to any size smartphone by simply using a hex hey that is included in the packaging. Just find the right fit for your device and you never have to use the hex key again, unless of course, you are using it with more than one device.

The packaging is also pretty great. There’s a small box that holds the Glif, hex key and keychain attachment. Very simple, very nice and very functional.

glif packaging  -

Not only is the Glif a tripod mount, but it’s also a stand. Adjust he Glif (with hex key) to your device’s thickness to use the top portion as a stand. Now you can prop your iPhone in portrait and landscape mode and use it hands free.

What I don’t like

The hex key is the only thing that I didn’t like. It’s not bad, it’s just that anytime you have a device that depends on something that it’s separate from itself, there’s a risk of losing it. The only saving grace is that for most people, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Adjust once and you should never have to see the hex key again… Until you upgrade or change your smartphone, of course.

glif stand smartphone -

Buy/don’t buy

If you love photography, want better pictures or just have a need for a tripod mount, get this now! I have found that with my iPhone 5S, my Olloclip and now the Glif (paired with a headphone cable for a shutter), I have more reasons to ignore my SLR.

Head over to Studio neat or Amazon to buy one.

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