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Editor’s Desk: Why We Don’t Do Rumors

Macdaily from day one has been more about building a community of Mac converts than delivering the news. Our goal has, and always will be, to gather “new to Mac” people together and to learn from each another. To build a community of people who love their devices. It’s simple.
That will not change.

With the tragedy of Boston earlier in the week, we sit here amazed at the rumors, the gossip, the wrongs, the assumptions, the evil that has come in from the aftermath of this passed week. And we sit her no better off than before but now we have a lot of lies in between. We have a lot of nothing to go on, and even more junk to fill our minds with.

This is our Manifesto, this is our site, this is how we operate. Nothing more.

We do not cover rumors because we want to deliver fact. We want to deliver truth to you, our community. Our aim is to deliver what you want in a well written yet simplistic way. Nothing more.

Rumors can be found on other sites, who aim to bring as many news items as possible in a 24 hour period of time. Their aim is traffic, and traffic brings cash, and usually, rumors brings in traffic.

We do not want to be part of this cycle. We want to come along side the big guys and offer more to their already large foot print. We want to produce authenticity, all the while helping you get to know more about your Mac or iDevice.

We do not aim to bring you cases, images, or even reports on the next new Apple item. We want to bring you reviews of in hand iDevices, or sound well thought out reviews of products running on our Macs.

We want to bring a community to your door step that you can join in on and enjoy, to the fullest, your Apple products.

How we go about this may change, we may have new site updates to make it easier to find things, we may have new writers come and go. But our vision is above. We hope you share in this vision and respect our stance.

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