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Ecoute: Front row seat for your music

The first thing that blew me away when the original iPhone was announced was the beautiful built-in iPod integration. In 2007, I was satisfied with a phone that could play music beautifully, and the iPhone did not dissapoint. Today, the app is still as functional and beautiful as ever. However, out of mere boredom and some curiosity, I decided to give Ecoute a try to see how it compared to iPhone’s music app.

The first thing you notice right away is that with Ecoute, all of the data and information is right in front of you. There are no “second” pages, transitions to other screens. Album art, playlists, artist, albums, play controls, etc. are right in the main view. The app relies heavily on swiping and tapping. Though the main view looks “busy” at first, you begin to see how powerful it is to have a front row seat in front of all your music and all the controls.

Album view

On the top of the app, there’s a navigation bar with artists, albums, songs, Podcasts, Playlists. However, you can swipe left and and see more options like genres, compilations, composers, audiobooks and Genius. There’s also an ever-present search bar on the right hand side.

Anytime you want to play music, you can do so by selecting your playlist, album, genre, etc and then a little window pops up with the songs in list view. Simply select the song you want to play or the play randomly by selecting the “shuffle” icon on the top right of the window and the music starts playing. To dismiss the pop-up window, simply swipe it down and it’ll go away.

Pop up window

To see just the cover art of the song that is playing look at the play bar along the bottom. It shows a “share” icon, the album and song you are playing and a “pause” button (changes to play if it’s paused). When you swipe up on this bar, you’ll see the full screen cover art with rating and play controls. If you are listening to a playlist and all of a sudden feel like you want to listen to another song next, simply find the song tap and hold until the “Play Next” option pops up. Select it and that song will play next on queue. One of my favorite features that is sadly absent from the native iOS music app.

There are many more features included with Ecoute that simplifies and puts music right in your finger tips. It is a very powerful and full-functional music app with built-in sharing features (, Twitter or Facebook) that tells me Ecoute means business. Since I’ve purchased, I’ve been using it non-stop and it has provided a new and powerful way of playing music.

Ecoute is $2.99 and it’s available on the App Store.


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