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If you’ve just moved over to iOS from an android device or currently run both an Android and iOS device then you’ll probably want to keep your contacts synced between both device. Luckily the days of having to take you phone down to the mobile shop, plug it into to some mystical machine and watch as it magically extracted your contacts are over. Now, thanks in large to Google’s cross ecosystem support, you can easily swap your Google contacts over on to a new device iOS device.

First make sure to sync your contacts on your Google device and Google account. This makes sure that all your contact data is accesible to your iOS device.

  1. In your iOS device, open up settings
  2. Click on mail, contacts, calendars.
  3. Click on add account
  4. Select Google from the list of options (you can also load contacts from the other services)
  5. Fill in the vital information for the account (name, username, password, description of the account)
  6. Press next
  7. Select “contacts” from the options to ensure you sync your contacts
  8. Save and finish

easily add your google contact to iOS
deactivate email from gmail.

This will mean that if you have a gmail account you can set it up so that your emails will come into your iOS device mail app. However, you can always uncheck mail so that you only have the contacts if you don’t like getting your gmail on your mobile device.

Finally, if you want to have your contacts save to your google sync as a default (so that if you add a new contact on your iPad it will be available on your android phone or gmail account online,) then scroll down in the mail, contacts, calendars screen and click on default account to choose which account you want as default.

[for more go to the offical Google support page.]

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