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When traveling I often need quick access to my tickets. In the past this took the form of pieces of paper but now it’s more common to be an email confirmation or app. Apps which tie into wallet (formerly passbook) are fine but PDF confirmations emailed through can be tricky, especially if it was a while ago and your phone’s smarts decided to not keep the attachment downloaded. So here’s a couple of quick tips (the second is a real pro one) for how you can easily access tickets on iOS when traveling.

Save A PDF to Apple Notes

If you’ve been emailed a ticket, you can fairly easily save it from Apple mail to Apple notes (Apple notes is a great choice due to syncing and saving offline) All you need to do is

  1. tap on the PDF to open it.
  2. Press the share button
  3. click add to note

If there is no PDF email and the email itself has the number or other confirmation, you can still create a PDF. simple

  1. press the reply/forward arrow
  2. press print
  3. force touch or pinch to zoom out with your fingers
  4. tap the share button
  5. select apple notes

Create a launcher shortcut to your Apple note with tickets in

Finding your saved Apple note can take a while (if you save a a lot of notes) but this trick let’s you get there straight away. This is a tip I stole from Federico Viticci.

You will need the launcher app.

All you need to do is

  1. share the apple note with yourself (choose copy link then your own email address)
  2. open launcher
  3. choose custom link
  4. paste your link and give it a descriptive name and icon

iPhone launcher set up

Now you can slide to your launcher widget, tap the link and you’ll open your notes. If you need several links during your trip, you can arrange them all here for quick access and remove them as and when you don’t need them.

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