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Remember how fun it was to spend your afternoons after school at the arcade? Okay, maybe you’re not as old as I am. But that’s okay, because Double Fine’s new arcade-style high score game Dropchord brings together a hypnotically visualizing, musically intense game. With heavy beats and awe-inspiring graphics, read on to find out how well it plays on the iPad. 

How to Play

You play Dropchord  with thumbs placed firmly on both sides of a center circle. By doing so you create a line that is used to clear objects on the screen. The motion, oddly enough, reminds me of flossing your teeth. If you let go, the game immediately pauses, something you might find odd on a touchscreen device. The object of the game is to strike through the objects while avoiding the occasional “scratch”, hitting them lowers your health rating and cuts your line.

What I Like

I enjoyed the upbeat pace of the game and the fact that you have to stay focused to continue playing. We often enjoy casual gaming on mobile devices, so it’s refreshing to see a game that requires your full attention while not having to play through a deeply involved storyline. The game is simple, strike through the objects and avoid the scratches. It’s as simple as that, yet at the same time stay focused on getting the high score. Again, this type of gameplay reminds me of classic arcade games, even the layout and the interface resemble old school gaming.

The music and visuals are also very appealing and quite addictive to watch. I was just as amused with the spiraling effects and the fast music as much as I was trying to get a higher score than my wife (who was also quite addicted to the game).

What I Don’t Like

Dropchord  can be a bit difficult to play at first glance. I found the controls a bit difficult for such a simple game, but it does get easier after a few tries. Constantly holding your thumbs on the iPad is something I am not used to, and playing the game on your lap while sitting on the couch can be a bit difficult. I found it easier to play on a hard flat surface.

I also found the font used to be overly futuristic and at times illegible. And as nice as the music and beats are during the game, I expected them to closely match my gameplay. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be any correlation between the music and the visuals with the gameplay itself.

But/Don’t Buy

Despite the difficult controls and the disjointed music and graphics, I found Dropchord  to be a joy to play. As I mentioned earlier, even my wife found herself addicted to the game. It sells for $2.59 and is definitely a BUY. Its nostalgic design just brings back too many good memories spending my allowance at the arcade.

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