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The internet has gone a bit crazy with the story of Naoki Hiroshima who lost his twitter user name due to some security frauds and blackmailing from a “social media company”. The thing that makes this story so scary is how Naoki followed the security measures that many people would and yet the hacker got round with relative ease and both PayPal and GoDaddy assisted the hacker and hindered Naoki from stopping this from happening.

One of the points Naoki makes in the article is that this shows why two step verification is important and why it is especially important for you email address.

What Is Two Step Verification

You’re probably used to one step verification, that’s where you give a password to access your account. It’s been around for a while and it’s rare for a service not to have some sort of single necessary step to log in. Two step verification adds in an additional step.

On a simple level this could be simply two passwords but usually it’s more advance than that. The most common two step verification is to have a password and a number sent to a mobile device (either via an app or SMS message) that you have to enter to log in. However, some more advance feature include carrying a device that generates a security code for you.

Services That Offer Two Step Verification

More and more services are starting to offer two step verification to ensure that your passwords aren’t broken. Perhaps the most famous is Google and considering how central Google can be for your data sources I suggest you set up two step verification on Google straight away. However, Google isn’t alone here. Some other services include.

  • Apple ID [very important as a Mac User]
  • Evernote
  • PayPal
  • Buffer
  • Facebook
  • YahooMail
  • WordPress
  • and Dropbox

All services that could potentially carry vital data about you.

How To Set Up Two Step Verification for…

If you want to set up two step verification for these services then head to the links below and follow their guides.

So go and set up Two Step Verification right away. 

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