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There has been a lot of talk as of late regarding RSS readers. I myself have written about my decision to go with Feedbin. However, I decided to give Digg Reader a try to see how it holds up to the competing services. Here’s my review!

What I like:

Ever since Betaworks took over Digg and provided a new iOS app, I’ve loved their look. Now that they have added the reader feature built into the app, it keeps the same simple and beautiful look. The Digg sidebar shows your feeds in elegant fashion. Gray on black with icons showing in all their colorful glory. You can have your feeds organized into folders for better accessibility.

Each article on your feeds show up when tapped into your screen and you see both, your old and new articles. New articles are shown in bold font for easy identification. If there are any images available with the article, you’ll see a nice snapshot next to the text. When you click on each article, you’ll see the article slide in from the left in a quick, yet subtle animation. You’ll see the usual RSS view with title on top in bold, image and article.

Digg also gives you the option to “Digg” the article, bookmark it or share it via your social networks. You can also save to read later via Instapaper (newly acquired by Betaworks) or Pocket. You can also easily add any feeds by tapping on ever-existing “+” button on the sidebar. Once you do, your new feed is created on the sidebar.

Overall, the look and functionality of Digg reader is simple and very effective.

What I didn’t like:

You can’t re-order your feeds via the iOS app. I also couldn’t find any way of deleting a feed if I didn’t want it in there. If you have any desire to organize your feeds you have to go the web version to do it.

Digg reader is a very good-looking app. Knowing that the very good and talented team at Betaworks working on additional features, it has the ability to be one of the best readers available. You may not know Betaworks, but their products are becoming a powerful part of the internet we know today. From Digg,, Instapaper and more, they have the potential to be the best of the bunch.

To Buy Or Not To Buy:

I may have made the decision to go with Feedbin for my RSS feeds, but Digg is making me thing twice about my decision. It really is a fantastic app with a lot of promise. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one closely.

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